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Title: Agitation 1/1
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Category: PWP
Summary: Harry gets a little agitated after a long working day. Sev doesn't. At least not
straight away.
Disclaimers: Everything belongs to JKR. I don't intend to make money with this.
Warnings: Not really. If you detest stories where one of the protagonists ends up with his
hands bound, don't read this.


Harry shifted on his chair and stretched his back. Slowly he took off his glasses and rubbed
his eyes. Severus was sitting on the other side of the table, writing. Through a blur Harry
watched how Severus's quill moved over the parchment without a pause. Even though they
had been working for hours, Severus didn't seem to be tired or the least bit distracted. Harry
felt both. His eyes hurt from focussing on tiny letters in ancient tomes for too long, and once
he had put on his glasses and faced the yellow parchment again he realised that he would have
to re-read the last couple of paragraphs because their content hadn't penetrated his mind. With
a small sigh, he set back to work.

Some minutes later he turned the page backwards to start reading the paragraph a third time.
He pulled one leg up and rested his chin on his knee. Then he turned the page again and
exhaled. His hand went to his hair and he scratched his head. Reaching for the dictionary, he
stole another glance at Severus, who still was writing steadily. A thin furrow formed between
Severus's eyes and the scratching noise of quill-tainting-parchment stopped. Instead, the
feathery tip of said quill gently brushed over Severus's lips.

Harry laid the dictionary aside and changed his sitting position again, flexing the muscles in
his shoulders. Lips now slightly parted, Severus muttered something indistinguishable and
nodded. His long fingers smoothed the parchment he was writing on, then they reached for a
strand of his hair and tugged it behind his ear. Barely suppressing a moan, Harry uncrossed
his legs.

"For Merlin's sake! Sit still, Potter", Severus snapped without looking up, "or I'll tie
you to that chair!"

When Harry just shifted again, this time emitting a low but distinct moan, but didn't reply, he
looked up and shot an annoyed stare at him.

"What is the matter now", he demanded impatiently. "I'm trying to concentrate. Can't
you sit still for a couple of minutes?"

Harry shook his head and cleared his throat. "No, I can't."

Another questioning look from Severus.

"Because…", he swallowed, "because I'm… because looking at you… that quill, you know,
and your lips, and well, the way your hand… and I know how your hair feels when it runs
through my fingers and I got all aroused watching you and now I'm so hard I can't sit still
and… and… you said that before, you know, the thing with tying me to my chair, when I was
in detention years ago, but you never did, and it made me hard back then, too, but… but you
never did. I can't sit still when I'm aroused like that. Maybe…", he swallowed again and let
one hand drop to his lap. "Um… maybe you should do it, if you wanted to make sure that I
don't…" His hand started to rub his crotch. "Just to make sure that I don't…

Carefully, Severus placed the quill on the table, his eyes never leaving Harry. A barely
noticeable shade of red had covered his cheeks and his eyes glittered.

"Years ago, hm?" Severus rose from his chair and walked around the table slowly. "In
detention." He came to stand behind Harry's chair and rested his hands on top of the wooden
back. "And I never did… Very well, Mr Potter."

He unfastened his robe and reached for the belt underneath. "Stop touching yourself." Severus
let the belt run through his loosely closed fist. "Your hands."

Harry let his hands sink to his sides immediately, even though he found it rather hard to stop
them from what they were doing.

"Behind your back", Severus commanded curtly, and Harry obeyed. Quickly, Severus tied
them together with his belt. The knot was tight, and Harry winced, but Severus had made sure
that the edges of the leather belt didn't cut into Harry's wrists too painfully. He tested the tie
once more before he pulled Harry's chair a little backwards and stepped between Harry and
the table. Leaning against the heavy furniture, he looked down at Harry, who tried to steady
his breath.

"So, Mr Potter… now that your possibilities to disturb me with your fidgeting have been
successfully limited, I should finally be able to return to my tasks." Harry raised his head
quickly and their eyes met. "Only…", Severus continued after a pause, "that your little
'confession' has left me slightly… distracted." He let one of his hands sneak into his
unfastened robes. "The good thing, of course, is that I am in a condition to do
something about it, whereas you aren't."

Harry watched, transfixed, as Severus leisurely unbuttoned his trousers and reached inside.
"Your little confession, Mr Potter, has left my imagination quite agitated." His hand squeezed
the bulge in his pants and his tongue swept over his lips. "And thus I'm in a similar state as
you are… only that I can take care of my… agitation."

He leaned in until his face was level with Harry's. "I can touch myself", he whispered,
and began to rub his cock through his pants. "Whereas you can't… whereas
you can only watch… and sit still."

Straightening his back again, he continued rubbing himself, increasing the pace a little. "Oh
yes, your words really had some effect on me…" Harry moaned and wriggled against the
binding. "Ah! But you're to sit still as you 'requested', Mr Potter, and watch me
touching myself." Severus's voice was low and already a little husky. "I might
decide though, that I want to touch you, too…" Harry's hips bucked and he bit his lips
to stifle another moan. "Because", Severus went on, never stopping the movement of his
hand, "because it would give you an idea of how good it feels…" He rested his other hand on
Harry's leg. "Would you like that, Harry? Would you like me to touch you?"

Harry tried to move underneath Severus's hand, but the way his hands were bound in his back
didn't allow him to. "Gods, yes, Severus… please", he moaned. "Please, touch me…"

"I will, since you've asked so nicely, Mr Potter." He pulled his hand out of his trousers and
shoved Harry's chair a bit further away from the table. He placed both his hands on Harry's
legs and sank to his knees. "I am going to touch you, Harry", Severus said, slightly out of
breath, gently caressing Harry's legs with his thumbs. "I am going to touch you… but if you
move, I'll stop."
Harry went almost rigid as soon as Severus had spoken those words. "Do you understand, Mr
Potter?" Severus demanded, and Harry nodded. "Good… You may speak but you mustn't
move. And now, let me take care of you."

Severus's hands made their way up Harry's legs in slow spiralling strokes. When they came
close to Harry's crotch, Severus broke their contact with Harry's body and lifted them to
Harry's hips. Gently, he let his fingers trace the line where Harry's shirt was tugged into his
trousers from the outsides towards Harry's navel. Next, he placed one palm over Harry's solar
plexus and let the other roam Harry's inner thighs before he reached for the fastening of
Harry's belt. "Would you like me to open this for us?" He looked up at Harry.

"Yes", Harry whispered. "Yes, please…"

"I'm inclined to grant your wish, Mr Potter. But I demand something in return. I want you to
tell me about how you felt when you were serving detention with me back then. Don't spare
me the details, Mr Potter. And be honest."

Once more, Harry cleared his throat. "You gave me detention because I mouthed up to you in
class. It was in sixth year. My detention was to write an essay on… I forgot on what, I-"

"You forgot?" Snape cut in, his fingers ceasing to undo the belt. "That's not
acceptable. Concentrate, Potter. An essay on what?"

Harry closed his eyes and tried to repress his arousal and the sensation of his hands being
bound and the sensation of Severus's fingers stopping once again and… "An essay on… on…
I don't remember, Severus, I… oh please, I forgot… an essay on… wait, wait, I know it… an
essay on dreams and sleeping draughts, how to do something about dreams-" He held his
breath and waited for Severus's fingers to continue. Which they did. Harry sighed.

"Please, do go on, Mr Potter", Severus said mockingly. "Amuse me. Please

"It was warm outside, it was summer, and I was supposed to be at Quidditch practise, but I
didn't care. I was watching you working on some potion while I was writing, I was watching
your hands hold the pistil, how they closed around the white porcelain, how you held
it… and I" – Harry gasped as Severus pulled the end of the belt through the buckle – "… and
I got all hard thinking about that because…"

"Because?" Harry noticed that Severus's voice hitched a little.

"Because I was imagining that you were closing your fingers around my cock and… and then
I shifted on my chair and you said the thing about having to tie me to it and oh Gods,
Severus… that aroused me so much more!" Finally, Harry felt how Severus finished
undoing his belt and moaned when he opened his eyes again and saw Severus's fingers
reaching for the first button.

"Let's continue this little quid pro quo, Mr Potter. Shall we?" Harry groaned. Severus's left
hand was brushing over his inner thighs again and he had to struggle hard not to thrust his
hips again. "Shall we?"

"Yes, please, Severus, in Merlin's name, yes!"

"My, my… are we getting a little impatient, Mr Potter?" Severus sneered. "That must be
remedied. You will count to ten silently before you answer my questions. Let's see…
how many buttons do we have here? Ah, six. Six questions, six answers. Are you ready,

Harry closed his eyes, took a deep breath and counted. "Yes, I am." He shot a surprised
glance at Severus when he felt how the first button was opened.

"Obedience is something I value, Mr Potter." Severus's lips curled into a smile. "But now –
the first real question. What would my fingers have felt had they not be holding the
pistil back then in detention?"

The sound of breath taken in, a pause, then: "They would have felt something hard, hot,
throbbing and slightly wet instead of something hard, cold, lifeless and dry." Harry's voice
trembled a little.

The second button sprang open. "And why would that have been the case, Mr Potter?"

Heavy breathing, ten times. "Because I lusted after you."

"Details, I want the details, too."

A brief pause. "I lusted after you, Severus. You were the subject of my fantasies, you caused
my wet dreams, you caused my cock to harden and to throb and to leak pre-come and to ache
and my hands to touch it and stroke it until I found release… of course, I couldn't when I was
in class or in detention. But afterwards. I did it. I had to. I hid in the bathroom or in a niche
somewhere down here in the dungeons and I touched myself. I closed my eyes and pictured
your hands touching me instead of my own. I made myself come so many times, and
it were always your hands that were covered with my seed in my dreams."

"Very good, Harry. You're doing well." The third button was opened and Harry hissed as
Severus's fingers brushed over the wet spot that was clearly visible on his briefs. "I want you
to tell me about those fantasies. Recall one of them for us."

Counting, counting, counting. Eight, nine, ten. "You come after me when I leave the
classroom. I don't notice you because I'm focussed on my arousal and the need to take care of
it. I hide in that niche, that niche that conceals the staircase close to our classroom. I lean
against the wall and try to control my breathing. I fail. I tell myself 'I won't do this, I won't
do this' again and again, but I can't stop my hands from unfastening my robes. I can't stop
them from touching my cock through my trousers, can't stop them from rubbing…" Harry bit
his lips. Severus had cupped his erection and was squeezing it lightly. "Have to touch it, have
to… and I bite my lips because I would be moaning otherwise. Can't get caught… Suddenly I
sense someone close to me. It's you. You… you just look at me and then you say 'Turn
around.' I do. I face the wall and rest my hands against the cool stone. I feel you stepping
behind me, and your hand reaches around me and you start rubbing me, stroking me. And you
hiss at me to be quiet or you'll stop. You press against my back and I can feel you're hard too.
You rub me faster and harder until I can't hold back any longer and come in my trousers. You
hold me for some seconds and then you disappear again." Harry was panting. "Severus,

Button coming undone, hot breath on strained cloth. "Do you know that I knew,
Harry. Do you know that I did watch you and that I listened to your moans and stifled
cries several times?"

Harry's hips bucked. "Gods, Severus…" Severus withdrew his hands.

"Didn't I make myself clear, Mr Potter? No moving." Harry groaned. "Discipline, Potter. Self
control." He reached for Harry's chin and made their eyes meet. "Watch me."

He braced himself on one hand and placed the other on his erection. "This is what I did when
I watched you, Harry. I stroked myself. I never made a sound. I shared your fantasy. I still
do." He thrust his hips into his touch. "I touched myself like this… watching you… doing the
same. Did you know that, Harry?"

Losing count. Starting again. And again. Finally – "No. I didn't."

"I wanted to step behind you like you described. I wanted to tear off your trousers and enter
you. I wanted to move inside of you. I wanted to make you moan and scream and come…"
Severus rose to his knees and rested his hands on the handles of Harry's chair. "I very much
want to do that now, Harry. Will you promise me to do what I asked of you?"

… ten. "Yes, Severus. I promise. No moving. But it's so difficult not to… move… it's so
hard…" Sitting still. Breathing. Trembling.

"Very good, Mr Potter. Let us continue then." Hands returning to the buttons. "Did you tell

Pause. Pause. "Ron. I told Ron. He thought I was crazy. He was right. I was - am -
crazy. Crazy for you…"

One more button to go. Hoarse whisper close to his crotch. "Do you want to come for me

"Yes! Severus, yes, yes please…"

"You forgot to count."


"Lift your hips."


Wetness. Warmth. A scream.

"Do it, Harry. Come for me."

Movement. Finally. Moving, thrusting, tensing muscles.

Release. Release. Release…

Hands being untied. Being held. Being licked.

"You've done so well, Harry." Severus reached for Harry's chin again. They kissed. "I am
very pleased."

Harry laughed. "You're not half as pleased as you will be after I had my way
with you, Snape." He rose, flexed his hands, buttoned his trousers, fastened his robes
and walked towards the door. "You know where to find me."

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