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Title: The End Of All Things
Author: Becca/Lara Lee ([ profile] aqua_alta/[ profile] take_this_waltz)
Pairing: Legolas/Aragorn; Aragorn/Arwen implied
Rating: PG for this part
Fandom: Lord of the Rings FPS (both books and movie-verse)
Disclaimers: None of the characters mentioned in this fic belong to me. Nor do the places etc. It's just a little bit of fun!
Warnings: WIP, not likely to be completed

The End Of All Things - Prologue

With my own hands I have built this ship.

Gimli Glóin's son was doubtful of my skills at first and I could not resent him for doubting. Even though the years spent in Ithilien have been shaped by activities of the peace rather than by warfare I am still much more a warrior than a craftsman. As I take some steps backwards to look at my work my hands feel heavy and my skin lies tight on my face. My friend stands next to me and glances at me with pride in his eyes. Long time has passed since he has forgiven my decline of his help in this task.
My ship is finished and in a few days I will leave these shores. For the Undying Lands I will depart and my friend will be travelling at my side. He insists on accompanying me and I will not deny him this time. He will be one who remembers, and even though I am not willing to share my memories with him now there might come moments when I need and want to, and even if the time given to him may end soon there might be enough left.

A grey ship, a grey ship in a port, sails fluttering in the breeze, hawsers creaking with the rippling of the waves. Soon I will set sails and loosen the ropes. The anchor will be lifted and I will sail.

The taste of my king still lingers on my tongue and when I take a breath and lick my lips it mingles with the salty tang of the water.



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