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Title: Mi Casa (2/2)
Author: Lara Lee ([ profile] take_this_waltz)
Rating: NC-17
Warning: none
Disclaimer: I don’t know those people in real life – thus, I can’t be making any statement about their sexuality/personal lives whatsoever. This story is complete fiction.
Archive: Viggorously, of course. LBES would be great, all others please ask.
A/N: [ profile] melacita and [ profile] legomyarrow were my wonderful betas. Thank you so much!

Mi Casa – part 2

“Show me.”

Viggo’s lips met his and in an instant took his breath away. He felt Viggo’s tongue brushing over his lips, coaxing his mouth to open. Which it did. Their tongues met and Orlando moaned, wrapping his arms around Viggo, drawing the other man closer still.

“You have to remember,” Viggo’s voice was nothing more than a hoarse whisper against his lips, “that it’s about longing and fulfillment. Helen has been married to Menelaus for some time but she’s never been that fulfilled before.” He cupped the back of Orlando’s head, thrust his tongue deep into Orlando’s mouth and withdrew again after a second. “Like this…” he murmured. “She’s never felt like this. She knows sex, she’s had sex before but she’s never experienced anything like this before.” Another open-mouthed kiss. Tongues licking, probing, caressing, tasting, tasting, tasting… “She craves this. Wants this so much. She has tasted it and wants more.”

“More…” Orlando’s voice echoed. He felt dizzy, yet breathing seemed overrated at the moment. Crushing their mouths together once more, he reached for the top button of Viggo’s shirt but his hands were stopped in their movement. Viggo had caught them with his and held them captive. A knee nudged his legs apart and a jeans-clad thigh pressed against his throbbing erection.

“You have to remember that, Orlando. You have to know that Helen is dying for this and Paris is the one who can offer the coup de grace – the only one. They’re burning. They hunger for each other. They ache. It’s painful, their desire. It’s tearing them apart. It consumes them, it’s all they know. They succumb to it… yeah… like this…” Orlando’s body melted against him. “Just like this…” The younger man’s face was flushed, his eyes closed and his lips were red and swollen and glistening with the wetness of their kisses. “You feel that? Do you understand…?” Orlando’s hips bucking told Viggo that the other man *did* understand. That he *did* feel it. The need. The longing. The burning ache for fulfillment.
Both men were panting. “If you want me to… If I should stop, you’ll have to tell me now, or I won’t be able to. I don’t think I’ll be able to stop if we…” He swallowed.

Orlando shook his head vehemently and rocked his hips against Viggo’s body. “No. Viggo, no. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop, please. Show me. I want this. So much. Want you…” He joined their mouths for another breathtaking kiss. “God, I’m so hard, Viggo, feel that? I couldn’t stop… I just couldn’t… I need… I want…”

Viggo let his hands roam Orlando’s back. They pulled the shirt from Orlando’s jeans and rested on the small of Orlando’s back. “What do you want?” His husky voice made Orlando shiver and moan.

“I want to feel your skin on mine. I want to taste you. I want to come… Ahhh!” His erection twitched as Viggo’s right hand slid along his spine into his jeans and boxers. His head fell forward against Viggo’s shoulder. Viggo let his other hand slip between them and cup Orlando’s erection through his jeans.

“You want to come?” He moaned.

“God yes… yes… need to…” Orlando couldn’t stop his hips from thrusting his aching cock against Viggo’s hand. The friction was maddening, and the finger that had crept into his clothing at his backside and had begun to slowly worm its way between his buttocks was driving him insane.

“Now? Do you want me to make you come now? Like this?” Viggo’s breath fluttered against Orlando’s ear and down his neck as he increased the pressure of his hand against Orlando’s cock. “In your jeans?”

Orlando’s breath came in ragged gasps. Waves of arousal washed through him and he kept moving against Viggo’s hand. “No, not like this.” He frantically thrust against the teasing hand and moaned. “Oh! Oh, yes… yes, I’m going to… Vig… Viggo… I can’t stop, I can’t… want to…”

The movement of Viggo’s hand stilled. Viggo bent his head and let his tongue tease a sensitive spot on Orlando’s neck beneath his ear. “Yes?”

Orlando whimpered against Viggo’s shoulder. “Want you naked, want to be naked with you, want to come…”

“Yes?” Viggo squeezed Orlando’s cock once more and slid his finger deeper into Orlando’s crack. “Yes?”

“God, Viggo! Yes! Yesyesyesyes… It’s too much, can’t wait… Make me come now, please…” His heart was beating erratically. He felt his balls tighten and bit his lips to prevent himself from crying out.

“In your jeans?” Viggo’s erection pulsed and throbbed against Orlando’s thigh. He wanted to see the other man break, he wanted to see Orlando come undone beneath his hands.

“Yes. Yes…” Orlando breathed. “Yes- in my jeans… God, Viggo, please… I can’t stop…” He rubbed his arousal against Viggo’s hand, seeking more contact, seeking more friction, seeking the touch that would finally send him over the edge. “Don’t stop…” He was beyond caring if he would seem too much of a kid to the older man if he lost it there and then and came in his pants. “Please…”

Viggo sped up the movement of his hand, teasing Orlando’s erection roughly now. “Do it,” he muttered against Orlando’s neck. “Do it… let go… Come… come for me…”

Orlando arched into Viggo’s touch, his whole body tensing. His arms flew around Viggo’s neck and with a wordless cry he let his release overwhelm him. Hot liquid spilled from his cock, pulsing heat, relief, wave after wave, coating his clothes, washing him away. His knees bucked and his body slackened. Viggo withdrew his hands and wrapped his arms around Orlando, supporting him, holding him close, feeling him riding out his orgasm.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, stroking Orlando’s back and hair, savoring the sensation of heat and sweat underneath Orlando’s shirt. “You’re so beautiful like this… You’ve done so well, Orlando. So well…” He led Orlando to the sofa and let him sink into the cushions. He knelt down and took off Orlando’s shoes and socks. Orlando was still panting, his eyes closed, a thin layer of sweat was covering his face and throat. He lay motionless as Viggo unzipped his jeans.

“Raise your hips a little for me, Orlando,” Viggo coaxed. Orlando moaned as he moved. His limbs were still trembling and the way he arched his hips exposed his cock to further friction. Viggo pulled down Orlando’s jeans and boxers and dropped them on the floor. “And now your upper body and your arms, can you do that for me?” The shirt, damp with sweat, landed on top of the other clothes. “You’re doing so well, Orlando…” His hand ghosted over Orlando’s arms and chest before it brushed a sweaty strand of hair from Orlando’s forehead.

Orlando opened his eyes. His gaze was hazy and only slowly focusing on Viggo’s face. “Viggo… that was…”

“Shhhhh…” Gentle fingers caressing Orlando’s cheek. “Just relax. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back in a sec.”

Trying to catch his breath, Orlando closed his eyes again. “As if I could…” He felt boneless and floating. A tingle was spreading through his body from his toes and fingertips, and he moved them tentatively. Seconds passed or maybe minutes before he sensed that Viggo had returned. He then felt something wet and warm on his stomach. He cracked his eyes open and found Viggo crouching next to the sofa. He was naked and aroused and he had begun to clean Orlando with a soft flannel.

“You’re sticky.” Viggo’s lips followed the traces of the cloth with tender kisses. Then the kisses trailed downwards until his mouth reached Orlando’s groin. “All sticky…” His tongue touched the tip of Orlando’s cock. “You taste good.” He looked up, licked his lips and smiled. His hand reached for Orlando’s neck and he brought their mouths together. The kiss was wide and languid and passionate. “See?”

Orlando took a deep breath, tasting himself on his lips. “Viggo, I…”

“I want to be inside you,” Viggo moaned, renewing the kiss. “I want to feel you like that…”

“Yes,” Orlando said. There was nothing else to say, after all. He wanted that too. He wanted to feel Viggo and to give himself to the other man. “Yes…” Viggo’s fingers left a trail of burning skin behind them as they traced a line from Orlando’s throat to his pubic hair.

“Open your legs for me, baby,” Viggo urged huskily. “Open your legs for me so I can touch you and taste you and prepare you.” Orlando spread his legs so that Viggo could bring his hand between them. “Yeah, that’s good. I want you to be ready and open for me.”
His finger brushed over Orlando’s puckered opening, eliciting a low moan from both men. “Here, let me touch you, let me get you ready…”

Viggo reached for the tube of lubricant he had brought with him earlier. “Watch me, Orlando. Watch me do this…” He coated his fingers and tested the texture of the clear gel between his fingertips. “Hmmmm… this is smooth. It will make things easy for us, baby. It will make us glistening and slippery and ready for each other.”

Orlando inhaled sharply when Viggo’s finger touched his entrance again. His cock began to stir as if he hadn’t just experienced one of the most intense orgasms of his life. Viggo chuckled and carefully breached the tight ring of muscle guarding Orlando’s body. “You like that, don’t you?”

Orlando hissed. “God, yes! Feels fantastic, Viggo. So good…”

Letting his lids veil his eyes partly, Viggo pushed his finger further inside. “You’re tight… You’re so tight…” He curled his finger slightly. Orlando’s hand shot to his mouth, and he shoved his fist into his mouth to stifle a scream. “There’s no need to be quiet, Orlando.” Viggo tugged Orlando’s fist from his mouth with his left hand. “No need to be quiet… Nobody will hear you. Just me. It’s just me; let me hear you…” He crooked his finger again, still holding on to Orlando’s hand. He felt how Orlando balled his fist and he saw the younger man biting his lips in a futile attempt to not cry out. His finger hit Orlando’s prostate a third time. This time, a short, sharp cry escaped Orlando’s throat.


Viggo felt his own arousal increase with every sound and movement Orlando made. He found it difficult to maintain the slow, gentle pace but at the same time he was reluctant to just claim Orlando the way his body demanded. He wanted to draw out the agonizing pleasure, and he wanted Orlando to be completely ready when he took him. Groaning, he withdrew his finger and, pushing back in, added a second one. “Open up for me, baby. Open up for me so I can be inside you soon…”

Another cry turning into a moan emanated from Orlando’s mouth. “Soon… oh, yes… soon…”

Viggo scissored his fingers as to loosen Orlando’s opening further. “Yes. Soon…” he panted. Controlling himself became more and more difficult. Orlando smelled of desire and pleasure, and he wanted to bury himself in that tight heat of Orlando’s body. He brought their mouths together in a breathless, searing kiss. Their tongues battled against each other, fighting for dominance. Orlando was moving underneath him, struggling to free his hand from Viggo’s grasp, desperately needing to pull the other body closer, to pull the other man on top of himself, more contact, more heat, more sweat and more fingers, more friction and pressure, more Viggo…

“More!” he moaned. Viggo’s fingers continued to stretch him thoroughly. They hit his prostate again and again, made his erection ache and his cock drip crystal precum. “I’m ready, Vig. I’m ready…” As if to prove it he pushed back against Viggo’s fingers. “Take me… I know you want to. Fuck, Viggo, you must be dying to…”

That was all it took to make Viggo finally surrender. He grabbed the cushions that were leaning against the back of the sofa and impatiently tossed them aside. “Ahhh, Orlando… can’t wait!” He withdrew his fingers, rested one knee on the edge of the sofa and reached for a small foil package lying next to him on the floor. He tore the wrapping and rolled the condom over his cock. Making sure Orlando’s eyes were on him, he grabbed the lube and squeezed some of the gel onto his fingers. He coated his erection and gave it a long, firm, lascivious stroke. Tilting back his head, he let out a sharp breath. “I want you.”

He spread Orlando’s legs and knelt between them. He took hold of Orlando’s hand and drew it to his cock. “Guide me…”

Orlando’s hand shook slightly as he closed it around Viggo’s erection. He spread his legs wider and let his left hand slip between them. The tip of Viggo’s cock nudged his opening and he felt himself yielding to the increasing pressure. He felt his muscle being stretched and finally giving in, allowing Viggo inside. For an instant all movement ceased.

Their eyes locked and with one deep thrust of his hips Viggo buried himself completely in Orlando’s body. Orlando’s hands flew to Viggo’s upper arms, and his nails dug into Viggo’s skin. Both men held their breaths and then released them in two long, low moans.

Viggo’s jaw clenched. “God, Orlando, you’re perfect,” he groaned. “I knew” – an erratic, flat thrust – “it would be like this. So hot, so *tight*…” The sensation of Orlando’s body surrounding him, drawing him deeper and deeper inside, tightening around him almost drove him over the edge. “I can’t move for a minute or I won’t last…”

Orlando’s hands released his arms and came to rest on his back. Calming strokes fluttered up and down his spine and soothed his trembling shoulders. Slowly, Viggo regained some control over his body. He took deep breaths and squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. The tight heat was engulfing him and provoking him to move. Orlando’s voice was low and husky, engulfing him, provoking him to move, to move, to please move.

“Viggo, please…” Orlando drew Viggo’s head down and kissed him fiercely. “It’s okay, you can move, please… Want *you* … to let go now…”

And Viggo let go. He withdrew from Orlando’s body almost entirely before thrusting back in, making both men scream. He withdrew again and thrust back in. Another time. And again. And again. His motions became more urgent with every stroke and thrust. When he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer he reached between them and began to work Orlando’s erection in sync with their movements. Orlando pushed back against him when he thrust into him and arched towards him when he withdrew.

“I’m going to make you come so hard…” Viggo whispered against Orlando’s mouth. “Gonna make you come so hard, baby…” His thumb went to caress Orlando’s lips. The tip of Orlando’s tongue connected with the tip of Viggo’s thumb, and when Orlando’s mouth took in Viggo’s digit entirely and one of Orlando’s fingers parted Viggo’s buttocks and pressed against his opening at the same time, Viggo lost it.

A few jerks of his hips made him tumble down the spiral. His muscles tensed – and released, tensed and released, tensed and released, and he tensed once more at the sensation of Orlando clenching around him, Orlando’s tightness gripping him, Orlando’s hot semen gushing over his hand, coating his fingers, his stomach, the suction on his thumb vanishing, turning into a moan, a scream, a moan – spilling into Orlando’s body, releasing, trembling, collapsing, and then it was over.

They held each other and murmured words of soothing nonsense into each others’ ears, brushed hair from each others’ faces before Viggo withdrew and disposed of the condom.

They fell asleep in each others’ arms, and Viggo didn’t notice Orlando slip from his embrace in the middle of the night. He didn’t notice Orlando place a soft kiss on his lips and then dress and leave silently in the middle of the night. He didn’t hear the door fall shut a minute later. He didn’t hear the taxi pull up in his driveway and he didn’t hear the car depart. Only hours later, when he woke, did he miss the warmth of the other man’s body next to him. Or maybe it was the other way around.

He got up, rearranged the cushions and carried the bottle into the kitchen. Returning to his living room to fetch the glasses from the dining table, he surveyed the room. Almost nothing gave away what had happened in there just a short time ago. Almost nothing but the torn foil package on the floor, his scattered clothes, the flannel and the used condom. Viggo sat down on the chair Orlando had been sitting on earlier. Absentmindedly, he took a sip from one of the two glasses, not knowing if it was his or Orlando’s. He shook his head briefly and drained the glass. Rising, he noticed a sheet of paper that had to be torn from one of his notebooks lying on top of them. Viggo folded the paper and slipped it into one of the notebooks before he picked up the glasses and left the room. The words Orlando had skribbled there read:

“Paris will touch Helen but you will be on my mind. When my fingers meet her skin I will think of you and remember,



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