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Title: Morning Glory
Author: Lara Lee ([ profile] take_this_waltz)
Pairing: Viggorli
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The title says it all. Smut. PWP. Sex. Oh, and did I mention smut?
Warnings: none

Morning Glory

The sensation of pulsing warmth against the skin of his palm was the first thing that penetrated Viggo's sleep-fogged consciousness. He inhaled sharply, feeling a need to bend his body, to curl up, to pull up his knees against his chest, to somehow wrap around and envelope the spreading notion of heat in his groin.

It must have been a hell of a dream. Viggo only remembered bits and pieces, a flash of tongue against salty skin, something solid against his crotch, movement between his legs. His skin tingled, and he could feel how his blood was rushing through the small vessels in his fingertips, the hollows of his knees, his lips.
His hand had found its way to his cock while he'd still been asleep. Viggo noticed something wet against his fingers as they moved over his throbbing erection. A small moan escaped his lips, and when he licked them, his cock twitched in the light grasp of his hand.
Before he could stop himself, his hand had moved up and down his cock a couple of times, light touches, kindling the trearing need that had awakened him. He squeezed his eyes shut and slowly released his member.

He could feel that Orlando was still sound asleep next to him. When he opened his eyes again, he found the other man resting on his side, arms under his head, his body curled up in a fetal position. Whafts of Orlando's scent reached Viggo's senses. So good.
He carefully turned towards the sleeping body of his lover, moving slowly, untill he was spooned up against Orlando, his chest lined up against Orlando's back, his face in Orlando's hair, his groin against Orlando's buttocks.
He rested his hand on Orlando's upper arm for some seconds, then he let it wander downwards, along Orlando's side, over his hip, to his thigh.
Viggo drew a deep breath, taking in the smell of Orlando's hair, the dampness of sleep, the sweetness of a light note of sweat.

A part of his brain that was more awake than the rest of his body registered his hips slowly grinding against Orlando's backside. God, that felt good. His breathing quickened, and his whole body began to tremble. He could feel his heart fluttering in his chest, each beat bringing his skin in contact with the warmth of his lover's body. Blood was rushing through his ears, the sound of his heartbeat quickening with every movement of his hips. Longing pulsed through him, his fingertips ghosted over Orlando's thigh, and he moaned again. He could feel the tension increasing. He could feel his body urging towards release, and his erratic breathing echoed in his ears.

Suddenly, Orlando stirred, and Viggo stilled all movement, his hand resting on Orlando's hip, his erection throbbing against Orlando's cleft.

"Vig?" Orlando's voice sounded hoarse with sleep.

"Don't move," Viggo whispered huskily.

Orlando stretched a little, but Viggo's fingers digging into his hip caused him to freeze. "Vig, what-"

"Don't move, please..." Viggo repeated breathlessly.

"Vig?" Confused, Orlando tried to turn around, but Viggo's hand stopped him from moving once more.

"Close..." Viggo panted through clenched teeth. He loosened his grip on Orlando's hip and buried his face in the crook between Orlando's neck and shoulder. "So close," he murmured against Orlando's skin.

Viggo heard Orlando's breath hitch. The next thing he felt was the muscles of Orlando's buttocks tensing, clenching, and he couldn't help moaning, he couldn't stop his hips from thrusting forward ever so slightly, languidly, only once. That was all it took. The moan that was just dying on his lips continued and changed its tone as Viggo came against his lover's body. Warm, sticky liquid gushed from his twitching cock and covered Orlando's skin, covered Viggo's skin, covered his pubic hair, spread between their bodies, ran into Orlando's crack. Viggo's body shook with the tensing and releasing of his muscles, and he couldn't stop moaning, couldn't stop releasing, couldn't stop coming.

Orlando stayed completely motionless while Viggo rode out his orgasm. Only his voice joined Viggo's in this long, low moan that was climax. "God, Vig... Viggo," he breathed as he felt his lover's semen touch his skin.

As the waves of Viggo's release finally ebbed, he reached around Orlando's body and let his fingers run over Orlando's chest and throat until they reached Orlando's mouth. Almost immediately Orlando's tongue touched his fingertips, caressed them, licked them hungrily. He carefully pushed them between Orlando's lips into the cavern of his mouth.

"Yeah, good," he panted. "That's good. Lick my fingers. Wet them. Hmmmm... yes... Good, so good." His words encouraged Orlando's caresses. "Make them all wet." He moaned deeply as Orlando began to suck on his fingers, Orlando's tongue darting between them, greedy for more. "God, yes, that's it..."

Reluctantly, Viggo withdrew his hand after some time, whispering words of comfort to Orlando as he whimpered with the loss. "Gonna give them back to you soon, baby. Soon. Just wait a little. Soon... shhhh... yes, it's all right. Hmmmm... yes..."

He brought his hand between their bodies and gathered some of his cum on his fingertips before he reached for Orlando's mouth again. Gently, he covered Orlando's lips with a thin layer of his semen. As soon as Orlando began to lick his lips, he offered him his fingers once more, and Orlando eagerly accepted them.

"You taste so good..." Orlando moaned, pushing back against Viggo's body.

Viggo hissed, a thrust of his hips meeting Orlando's movement. "You undo me, baby," he panted. "You make me so..." He thrust against Orlando's body once more, feeling the tension return. "God, I'm getting hard again." Viggo moaned. His body seemed to be out of his control, grinding against his lover constantly. "So hard for you, and I just came, you undo me so..."

Viggo withdrew his fingers from Orlando's mouth and brought them between their bodies again. He ran them through his cum, and they found their way into Orlando's crack and to his entrance easily. Circling Orlando's entrance caressingly, Viggo whispered: "I want you." He breached the ring of muscle and entered Orlando with his middle finger. "I want to be inside you."

Orlando bit his lips and pushed back against Viggo's finger. "Yes, please... I want you." He hissed with frustration as Viggo's finger left him. "Vig, please... need..."

"You're so hard," Viggo muttered as his hand reached around Orlando's body and found his cock. "I want to make you come." His fingers closed around Orlando's erection and began slowly stroking it. "I will make you come." He freed his other arm from underneath his body and let his fingers run through Orlando's hair.

Orlando thrust into Viggo's hand helplessly. "Vig, please... want you inside of me... want to come with you inside of me..."

Viggo's left hand rested on Orlado's forehead, pulling Orlando's head backwards, while his other hand kept stroking Orlando's cock. "I will make you come now, like this, with my hand." He squeezed Orlando's erection, drawing a low moan from his lover. "I will make you come like this, in my hand." He ceased the movement of his hand on Orlando's cock and began to stroke Orlando's forehead with his other hand. "Then I'll lick my hand clean. I'll make you come undone in my hand, and I'll taste your cum." Both men were panting heavily. "Then I'll cover my fingers in your cum and mix it with mine." Orlando's hips bucked forward. "And then I'll prepare you."

Orlando exhaled slowly. "Vig," he moaned.

"But first I'll make you come like this." Viggo whispered into Orlando's ear. "I want you to fuck my hand, baby." His hand took up its movement again, stroking up and down Orlando's cock. "Can you do that for me?" The caress of his hand sped up while his other hand continued caressing Orlando's forehead. Orlando bit his lips again, stifling a moan.

"I want you to fuck my hand, Orlando." Viggo's voice was husky with desire, and his breath hitched as Orlando's hips thrust forward. "Don't hold back, baby. Don't hold back..."

Orlando's thrusts sped up, became more urgent. Viggo could feel how the muscles in Orlando's body tensed more and more, how his movements became more erratic and more desperate with every thrust. "You're close, baby. I can feel it. You're so close..."

"God, yes!" Orlando was sweating and his hands were clutching the linens.

"You want to come, don't you?" Viggo chanted in a hoarse whisper.

"Yes, want to... want to come... Vig..." Orlando's cock twitched and throbbed in Viggo's hand, and he was so close, so hard, wanted to come so badly now.

"Then do it. Come. Let me feel you." Viggo urged him on. "Want to feel you... Come for me." Viggo's hand was working Orlando's erection frantically. "Let go for me, baby..."

With a strangled cry Orlando exploded into Viggo's hand. Hot semen spurted over Viggo's fingers, coating them, covering them, flowing over them hot and wet and still there was more and more release streaming from him into Viggo's hand and over his fingers along with Viggo's name pouring from Orlando's lips again and again and again.

Viggo took his hand away when the ebbing waves of his climax were still washing over Orlando's body. He brought his fingers to his lips and let his tongue run over his skin, tasing Orlando's cum, savouring his release. "God, baby, I knew you'd taste so good..." His tongue brought some of Orlando's semen to his lips, and he pulled Orlando's head backwards, turning his face towards his, briging their mouths together. "See? See how good you taste..."

Their mouths met in a passionate kiss, Orlando greedily licking his own cum from Viggo's lips. Their tongues met and their moans met in the space of the open-mouthed wetness they shared.

"See? So good..." While whispering those words to his lover, Viggo's hand sneaked back to Orlando's groin. His fingers coated themselves in Orlando's cum before they made their way back between their bodies.

Viggo let his fingers run through the drying pool of his own cum for a third time, mixing their fluids as he'd said he would. He then parted Orlando's buttocks and let his cum-coated fingers brush over Orlando's entrance.

"Have to have you now," he moaned, grinding his cock against Orlando's crack. Orlando pushed back in response.

Without further hesitation Viggo breached Orlando's entrance and inserted his middle finger again. "You're still loose from last night," he murmured against the nape of Orlando's neck. "So open for me... and yet so tight." He withdrew his finger partially and inserted a second. Orlando hissed as Viggo began to scissor his fingers inside him.

"Want you. Now. Take me," he pushed back, impaling himself on Viggo's fingers, fucking himself on the fingers of his lover. "Now, please..."

The need to be inside Orlando had grown too strong to allow further teasing. Viggo withdrew his fingers from Orlando's body and positioned himself against Orlando's entrance. With one long thrust, he buried himself deep in the tight, velvety heat. He could feel Orlando surround him, could feel how his lover's muscles clenched and relaxed around him, how the pulsing tightness around his cock became his world.

Both men became completely still for some seconds, the only sound in the room their erratic breathing.

"You think you can come again?" Viggo asked, breaking the silence. He reached for Orlando's cock and found it hard and throbbing. "Baby?"

Orlando nodded. "Move," he moaned. "Please move..."

Viggo set a slow pace and Orlando responded in kind. Their movements matched perfectly, a steady rhythm of in and out, in and out... accompanied by their mutual moans and gasps. They moved together like that for a long time, Viggo's cock brushing over Orlando's gland with each thrust, before they finally had to give in to the inevitable. Viggo's hands clutching Orlando's hips, Orlando's fingers in Viggo's hair, Orlando tensing around Viggo, Viggo thrusting, thrusting, fucking, moaning, moaning his lover's name, and Viggo's name on Orlando's lips when they both came and came and came...

When their breathings had calmed, Viggo's softening cock slid from Orlando's body, and Orlando turned in Viggo's arms. They kissed long and passionately, stroking each others' faces, caressing each others' bodies with fingers and breaths and eyes, holding each other close.

"Good morning, Vig," Orlando murmured before his eyes fluttered shut and sleep claimed him.

Viggo smiled. "You undo me, Orlando." He closed his eyes as well and listened to the calm and even breathing of the man next to him.



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