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Title: Happy For Now
Author: Lara Lee ([ profile] take_this_waltz)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: How Viggo and Orlando got together.
Warnings: None. Slight angst at the beginning. But everything is going to turn out fine. :-)
Disclaimer: They're not mine, and I don't know anything about them. I'm not making any statement about their personal lives, sexual preferences etc. It's all just for fun.
A/N: Written for [ profile] vo_xmas as a gift for [ profile] miss_ariel
A/N #2: Huge thanks to my betas, [ profile] mctje and [ profile] sam_erotica.

Happy For Now


Shit, shit, shit, shitshitshitshit... Viggo's hand crept to his mouth and his fingertips brushed over his lips slowly as he watched the young man walk away. He watched Orlando cross the parking lot, and only when Orlando had almost reached his car, Viggo began to move.

"Orlando - wait!" He began to jog after his cast mate, his tongue unconsciously licking his lips. He touched his mouth again while running across the asphalt square and muttered Orlando's name against the barrier of his fingers. He was confused. And Orlando wouldn't stop walking away from him, wouldn't turn around.

Viggo had never expected the kiss. Oh, shit, he knows. He knows. Shitshitshit... Orlando had behaved weirdly during the last couple of weeks, and Viggo had been determined to find out what was wrong. He'd been determined to find out when he arrived at the pub earlier that evening. Some cast members had planned to meet there after filming, and Viggo had known that Orlando would be among them.


While Orlando had been distant towards "the new Aragorn" during Viggo's first days in New Zealand - rumours had informed Viggo that Orlando and Stuart had been quite close while they were in training - the two actors had quickly developed a friendship once Orlando had adjusted to Viggo being there and the first scenes had been shot.
Everyone on the cast had laughed or smiled at how Orlando had begun to "hero-worship" the other actor, how he'd been so eager to please Viggo, to do something nice for him between takes, how he'd been seeking Viggo's presence at pub gatherings. At first Viggo had laughed, too. He'd even teased Orlando about it. But during those nine long weeks of Helm's Deep, he'd come to appreciate Orlando's efforts. The chocolate Orlando brought him, the candy bars, the caring attention and the worried looks his friend bestowed upon him had given Viggo strength and focus. In the beginning of their friendship their conversations had mostly circled around filming issues and the Rings story but after a while they'd begun to talk about other things as well, about interests, family, friends, their views and opinions, their hopes and worries. Viggo had grown to enjoy Orlando's company, his smiles and laughter, his casual touches and his blushing cheeks more than he admitted to himself.

And he missed all of that now. He missed Orlando's smiling eyes during makeup, he missed his weary, bloodshot eyes locking with his own at the end of a rough night of battling orcs. He missed Orlando's voice babbling in his ear while they watched the arrangements for a new scene, and he missed Orlando's tired yawns on the way to their trailer once filming had ended. He missed touching Orlando in that intimate, casual manner, he missed checking if the elf was all right by resting his hand on Orlando's shoulder once Peter yelled "Cut!", and he missed feeling Orlando's body tremble with exhaustion under his hand while the pale mouth curved into a weak smile and whispered: "Fine. I'm fine. You?"

At night, while asleep, Viggo remembered. Images of Orlando's face and shape filled his nights, and in the mornings he awoke smiling. The smile stayed on his lips until he recalled how much had changed since they had returned from Helm's Deep.

Orlando had begun to withdraw from him a couple of days after they'd come back. Yes, he remained polite and friendly but he clearly distanced himself from Viggo. He never came near enough for Viggo to touch him, and he never brought Viggo candy bars anymore. Sometimes, when their eyes met, Orlando would still look at him for a couple of seconds before he broke eye-contact and turned his head away. They hadn't spoken more than five sentences at once since the end of Helm's Deep, and Viggo missed Orlando's presence and their time together. The loss of their shared intimacy felt like a dull ache to Viggo, an ache that he couldn't really place or explain at first. He felt empty and alone.

One evening, after a couple of beers, he'd talked to Ian about what was happening. "I miss him, Ian," he'd sighed. "I miss the candy bars. I miss his laughter, I miss his company. And I miss his voice."

Ian had just looked at him and smiled. "And?"

"And I don't know why I do. I don't know why it hurts so much that he..." His voice had faded and he had closed his eyes. When he had opened them again and looked at Ian, it had seemed as if they had been filling with tears. "I just don't know... I'm... I don't..." He'd shrugged. "I just don't know." He'd lowered his eyes and had looked at his glass again.

Ian had reached for his arm, and Viggo had met his eyes once more. "I think you do."

Viggo had bitten his lips and turned his glass around in his hands. After a long pause he'd spoken, his voice small and tentative. "But I... It's just so confusing. I never..." He'd cleared his throat and cast his gaze down again. "I'm not..."

"You're not what, Viggo?" Ian had squeezed his arm once more. "Gay?"

Viggo had nodded, defeated. "Yeah."

"But you're in love with the boy, Viggo." Ian's voice had been low and serious.

Slowly, Viggo had raised his head and looked into Ian's eyes again.

"Aren't you?"

Viggo had shaken his head. "I don't know, I..." He'd paused. "I... I can't be." For a second time he'd cleared his throat. Then he'd brought his glass to his mouth and taken a deep swallow. He'd set the glass on the table again and buried his face in his hands. "God, Ian..." He'd wiped his face. "You think he noticed?" A note of panic had crept into his voice. "God. Maybe he's seen somehow... when I... Maybe he's noticed how I... Maybe that's why he's been so..."

"What are you afraid of?" Ian had smiled, even though Viggo hadn't been able to see.

"I don't want to lose him. Don't want to scare him off. Fuck, Ian... I'm scared myself. I've never... with a man, you know. And I don't know... I don't even know if he... I just don't know what to do." Viggo had looked helpless and lost.

"Well, how about you find out why he's behaving so oddly of late?" Ian had given Viggo's arm another squeeze before he'd risen. "If you'll excuse me now, it's late and I'm tired." He'd ruffled Viggo's hair and said: "Talk to him, Viggo. Don't be so afraid."

Viggo had just snorted and ordered another beer.


Don't be so afraid, Viggo had encouraged himself earlier in the evening. True, he had had a couple of brews, too, before he'd found the courage to finally approach Orlando.

He'd walked up to Orlando, who was standing at the bar with the hobbits and Liv. He'd reached out and touched Orlando's shoulder to get the younger man's attention. Orlando's head had turned and his brow had furrowed when he'd seen Viggo. "What," he'd all but snapped, and Viggo had quickly removed his hand.

"You got a minute?" Viggo had had to raise his voice to make himself heard above the chatter and yelling around them.

"Sure," Orlando had shrugged, grabbing his jacked and following Viggo outside.

The parking lot behind the pub had been deserted, only a few cars standing on the rain-covered asphalt. Viggo had watched Orlando slip into his jacked and turn the collar upwards against the night air. May in the southern hemisphere could be like November in London - wet and cold. Viggo's hand had reached for Orlando's collar, wanting to adjust it so Orlando didn't have to feel the chill of the night against his skin, but he'd pulled his hand away quickly when Orlando had asked: "So?"

"I thought we should talk," Viggo had begun, his voice tense. Orlando had looked down, raised his shoulders and kicked a small stone against the concrete wall behind Viggo with the tip of his shoe.

"About what?" Orlando had snapped, annoyed.

"Orlando," Viggo had reached for Orlando's arm. He had felt the warmth of Orlando's body through the cloth of his jacket. "Orlando, what's wrong? Why..."

Orlando had interrupted Viggo with a harsh laugh. "What's wrong, Viggo?" He had laughed again, coldly and briskly. Then, to Viggo's utter surprise, he'd leaned forward and pressed his lips against Viggo's. Viggo had been too stunned to react. When Orlando had broken the contact of their lips and taken a step backwards Viggo had touched his lips with his fingertips, staring at the other man in shock.

"That's what is wrong!" Orlando had turned on his heels and walked straight to his car.

Oh, shit. He knows, Viggo had thought before he'd brought his fingers to his lips again. Orlando had almost reached his car when Viggo had finally regained the power to move.

"Orlando! Orlando - wait!"


Orlando heard Viggo jogging behind him. He could hear Viggo getting closer, and he quickened his pace to reach his car in time, fumbling for his keys when Viggo caught up with him. Orlando tensed, half-expected Viggo to touch him again, but Viggo only repeated his name, calm and pleading, and Orlando even thought he'd detected a faint tremble in it that left him wondering why.


Orlando unlocked the car and turned around slowly. "What is it, Viggo?"

"Don't do that, Orlando. Please, don't just leave. I want to talk to you. Can we talk?" Viggo made an attempt to reach for Orlando but a sudden movement of Orlando's body made him stop in mid-motion.

"There's nothing to talk about," Orlando answered hoarsely.

Don't be so afraid. Ian's words echoed in Viggo's head. "Please. Just a couple of minutes. You surely have a couple of minutes."

"Okay," Orlando consented after a short pause. "Talk."

Viggo ran a trembling hand through his hair. "Not here. Let's go ho- Let's go to my place. Or to yours. It's cold outside."

"I don't think that's a good idea, Vig." Orlando sighed and shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

"Please, Orlando. Don't make me beg. Just a couple of minutes. All I want to do is talk." Viggo reached for the driver's door and opened it. "Okay?"

"Okay," Orlando finally gave in. "Get in."

The drive to Orlando's house was short and passed in complete silence. Viggo stared out of the windows at the lights of Seatoun by night, though they were few - most people were already asleep. He still hoped that Orlando would let him explain. The mocking kiss the younger man had given him earlier had clearly reminded him of his place. Orlando had somehow found out about Viggo's feelings and had thought them wrong. 'That's what is wrong,' Orlando had stated. Viggo only hoped that Orlando would let him explain. He'd be able to make Orlando see that there was nothing to fear. He'd be able to convince Orlando that they could still stay friends. If only Orlando gave him a chance.

The sand and gravel covering Orlando's drive crunched beneath the tires. Orlando turned off the car and pulled the keys from the ignition. He hesitated briefly before he opened his door, and Viggo followed him without a word.

They entered the house, and Orlando switched on the lights. "Beer?" he asked casually, walking towards the kitchen.

"Sure," Viggo answered and stepped into the living room. He walked over to the huge window and stared into the dark of Orlando's backyard. The sudden sound of two bottles being set down on the glass surface of the table made him flinch. When he turned around, Orlando had sat down on the sofa and was looking at him.

"You wanted to talk. Talk." He picked up one of the bottles and brought it to his mouth.

"About earlier-" Viggo started but Orlando raised his hand before Viggo could continue.

"Not about that, Viggo." His hand dropped to his lap, and his other hand lifted the bottle to his lips again. He took several gulps before he spoke again. "I'm sorry. That shouldn't have happened." Orlando fell silent.

"Orlando, let me explain..." Slowly, Viggo walked towards the table and sat down on the sofa next to Orlando. The other man had lowered his head and studied the tag on the bottle, constantly plucking at it with his thumb nail.

Orlando shook his head. "Nothing to explain, Viggo." He looked up, and their eyes met. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." He rose and walked over to the window. "That's why I... during the last weeks... But I can keep it in check, Viggo. Honestly. I promise. It won't be a problem. I swear." Orlando's eyes were stinging, and he wiped them angrily. "Shit," he cursed under his breath. "You wanted to know why I keep avoiding you, right?" He didn't wait for Viggo's answer. "That's why. I don't really know what happened." He paused briefly. "Oh shit, Viggo. I'm sorry. It won't happen again, I swear."

Viggo released a breath he hadn't realised he had been holding. "What are you saying?" His hands shook as he reached for his beer.

"Viggo, I'm gay." Orlando inhaled deeply. "And sometimes I want to touch you so badly. I can't help wanting to touch you when we're together." His shoulders sagged. "That's why I simply can't be with you anymore... Sooner or later I would... like I did today. I'm sorry."

Viggo stared at Orlando's back in stunned silence for a while. He knew Orlando was still talking but he couldn't make out any words. Orlando's shoulders kept moving with the flow of words that came out of his mouth, but Viggo heard nothing.

"Orlando, stop talking to the window. Come here and talk to me. Please," he added when Orlando didn't turn round. "Come and sit here with me. I need to look at you..."

Raising his shoulders, Orlando turned to face Viggo. He slowly walked back to the sofa again and sat down next to the other man. "I feel so stupid..." he muttered.

Viggo reached for Orlando's hand and took it in his. "Why do you feel stupid?" His thumb began to trace slow circles on Orlando's palm.

With an abrupt movement, Orlando pulled his hand away. "Because of all this. Because of me wanting... because of thinking about... those things. You. Because of wanting you that way..." He wiped his eyes again, and then he straightened his back and looked at Viggo. "I honest to God hope you don't hate me after this, and I already told you I'd keep it in check, so no worries, right? It's just that I somehow, maybe during Helm's Deep or maybe even earlier, I don't know... I ... I somehow... I know you're not... well, I think I somehow... Christ, you must think I'm completely out of it! Sorry, I'm so sorry. But I think that somehow I've fallen in love with you. But I swear I'll keep it under control." His whole body was trembling by now. He lowered his eyes again and stared at his hands. He'd said it. He prepared for the sound of Viggo getting up to leave.

But that didn't happen. Orlando saw how Viggo's hand reached for his a second time, and he heard Viggo's husky voice.

"What if I didn't want you to do that?"

Orlando looked up. "What?"

"What if I didn't want you to 'keep it under control'? I mean..." Viggo cleared his throat and lowered his eyes to his hand holding Orlando's. "I mean, what if I'd rather explore those... feelings?" He looked up again, and their eyes met. "I'd very much like for you to kiss me again."

A faint smile began to fill Orlando's eyes. "You would?"

"Yeah. I would like that. Very much." Viggo brought Orlando's hand to his lips and kissed the other man's knuckles lightly. "So very much..."

Drawing in a deep breath, Orlando closed his eyes for a moment. Then he withdrew his hand and cupped Viggo's jaw. "Viggo." His thumb stroked Viggo's cheek tenderly. "You have no idea..." Gently, his fingers ran over Viggo's slightly parted lips. "I'd like that, too."

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion as their faces moved towards each other. Viggo's eyes darted back and forth between Orlando's mouth and Orlando's eyes. Then they closed, and his tongue ran quickly over his lips. He heard Orlando whisper his name once more, and then their lips met. A shiver went through Viggo's body, followed by a wave of heat as the gentle pressure of Orlando's lips against his caused him to moan and his cock to stir in his jeans.

Orlando's hand went from Viggo's cheek to the nape of his neck and brought their mouths even closer together. "Open your mouth, Vig," Orlando muttered against Viggo's lips. "Let me kiss you. Let me show you how much I want you..." Carefully he began to caress Viggo's lips with the tip of his tongue, gently stroking, tasting, coaxing Viggo's mouth to open, to let him in.

There was nothing Viggo could do but to yield to Orlando's caresses. His lips opened and their tongues met for the first time. This kiss was everything Viggo had dreamt of and more, Orlando's tongue rough yet gentle, opening his mouth, running over his lips, invading his mouth, stroking his own tongue. Orlando's taste, a mixture of beer and mint and desire, intoxicated him. Everything suddenly seemed to fall into place. "Yes," he moaned into the kiss. His hands went to Orlando's face, mirroring what Orlando's hands were doing.

When the need for air became too strong, their mouths opened but the kiss didn't end. Orlando was burning - his cheeks from the scratch of Viggo's beard, his lips from the insatiable hunger for more. He kept kissing Viggo, licking his lips, stroking his face, while their bodies moved closer together. He was painfully hard now and he needed to get closer, to touch, to be touched, to grind, to thrust and to hold. As far as he could tell from Viggo's reactions, the other man felt the same desire, the same need.

"God," Viggo breathed. "This feels so good." He broke the kiss and looked at Orlando's flushed face. "So right..." Viggo felt as if he couldn't bring their mouths together again fast enough. He felt like as if he would suffocate without their lips against each other. He felt as if he would die of thirst without the taste of Orlando on his tongue. "I've been lost without you," he whispered huskily. "I missed you so much... missed you so much..."

Orlando slowly sank back against the cushions of the sofa, dragging Viggo with him. "God yes, Viggo," he moaned. "Longed for you..." He shifted until Viggo was lying on top of him. When he parted his legs a little one of Viggo's came between his. He ran his fingers through Viggo's hair and tugged slightly to gently break the kiss. When their eyes met he saw raw passion in Viggo's gaze. His hips bucked against Viggo's groin, bringing their cloth-clad erections together. "Feel that?" Orlando panted. "This is what you do to me..."

"Orlando," Viggo whispered breathlessly. "Orlando." He caressed the younger man's face with his fingers, his hips grinding against Orlando's, increasing the friction. "Can we... Would you... I want to feel your skin." He bent down to nuzzle Orlando's throat. "I want to taste you..." He let his tongue run over Orlando's skin, sensing Orlando's rapid pulse. "How do you... I mean, would you... Who..." He swallowed. "I've never done this before. Been with a man, I mean. But I want..." With a nervous laugh he buried his face in the crook of Orlando's neck. "Do you... Will you... Do you want to f-... to be... in me or shall I..." He let the warmth radiating from Orlando's body calm him a little. Orlando's fingers stroked his hair, and he listened to the rhythm of Orlando's rapid heartbeat, trying to catch his breath.

"What do you want?" Orlando's hands wandered down Viggo's neck and came to rest on Viggo's back. He kissed Viggo's hair before he began to caress Viggo's back languidly. "We don't have to... If you don't want... I mean, we can do other things if you'd rather..."

Viggo shook his head. "I'm not scared," he murmured against Orlando's soft skin. "I want this. You." He lifted his head and locked eyes with Orlando's once more. "If you... I'd..." He paused, letting his eyes flutter shut. When they opened again, they were filled with longing and complete trust. "I want to touch you, and I want you to touch me. I want you to show me... I want to be inside you." He blushed ever so slightly. "If that's... If you... want that, too, that is."

"Oh, Viggo," Orlando smiled. "There's nothing I want more." He kissed Viggo briefly. "Yes, I want that."

"Will you show me how...?" Slightly trembling fingers brushed over Orlando's cheeks. "Will you show me how to make love to you?"

Orlando's heart was pounding heavily. Lust clouded his brain, Viggo's scent wrapping around him like an autumn storm, their erections still touching. He couldn't keep his hips from thrusting against Viggo's body once more, and he nodded, gently pushing their bodies apart. "Let's take this somewhere else, yes?"

They rose from the sofa and embraced as soon as they were standing. "Come to bed with me," Orlando moaned when he felt Viggo's hardness against his upper leg. "Let me take you to bed..."

Viggo's hands went to Orlando's belt, and he began to undo the buckle. When he had opened the first button of Orlando's trousers, he paused and smiled at the younger man. "I imagine we need... I don't have anything with me."

Orlando's hands were shaking slightly when he began to undo the top button of Viggo's shirt. "I have," he worked his way down to the next button, "everything we need." The third button sprang open, and Orlando's hands became surer. "In the bathroom." The last buttons were opened in a matter of seconds, and Orlando slipped his hands under the shirt. Viggo's skin was warm, flushed with heat. Orlando's fingers brushed over Viggo's hard, dusky nipples, and Orlando was rewarded with a sharp gasp.

"I want-" Viggo gasped again as Orlando's fingers began to pinch his nipples carefully. "Hmmm..." He reached for the hem of Orlando's shirt and lifted it. Orlando raised his arms, and Viggo pulled the shirt off. Both men moaned when skin finally met skin. "You feel so good," Viggo's voice was low and raspy as he ran his hands over Orlando's skin, pressing their chests together.

"Vig, wait in the bedroom for me? I'll... Ahhh... I'll just fetch what we need and be with you... in a minute," Orlando panted. He reluctantly broke the embrace. "Just a minute, okay?" He took a step backwards, but Viggo caught his hand and didn't let go. "I'll be quick, promise. Wait for me?"

Viggo let go of Orlando's hand and whispered: "Hurry."

He made his way to the bedroom, undressed completely and pulled back the covers before he lay down on Orlando's bed. His cock strained and had already begun to leak pre-come. Tentatively he let his fingers run along his erection, moaning at the sensation, and then once more, feeling his cock twitch in response. Looking down at his groin he imagined Orlando's hand touching him like that, and his cock twitched again. "Oh god," he moaned. If he kept doing that he wouldn't last much longer.

"You're so beautiful." A voice from the door made him look up. Orlando was standing in the doorframe, watching him. Shirtless but still clad in his trousers and shoes, a foil package and a small tube in his hand, Orlando was watching him avidly. "So fucking beautiful..." He quickly walked over to the bed and placed the supplies on the bedside table. Viggo could see how Orlando's body trembled when he undressed. "I could come just watching you." Orlando's voice trembled, too. "God, I want you!"

He lay down next to Viggo and began caressing the other man's body. "You feel so good," he whispered again. "Feels so good to touch you..." His hands wandered down Viggo's chest, caressed his sides, the small of his back. "I could do this for hours."

Viggo's hand began to roam Orlando's body, exploring every inch of skin exposed to him. The contact made his fingertips tingle and his cock harden even more. He caressed Orlando's chest, brushed over Orlando's nipples and his abdomen, nearing his groin. The first touch of Viggo's fingers against his erection caused Orlando to moan.

"Yes!" Orlando hissed. "Please, touch me there." Orlando's fingers caressed the back of Viggo's thighs, then they moved to the front and between Viggo's legs. "I want to feel you inside of me," he whispered. "I want to feel you..."

Viggo's hand closed around Orlando's cock, and their eyes met. "I want that, Orlando. Oh god, how I want that..." He carefully rolled Orlando on his back and parted his legs. "Will it hurt?" Viggo asked as he gently ran his fingers along Orlando's perineum. He hesitated slightly when his fingers approached Orlando's entrance. He'd only touched women there before, and never more than touched them. Suddenly he felt insecure again. "I don't know... I don't want to hurt you..."

"You won't," Orlando answered hoarsely. Viggo's touch aroused him beyond anything he'd ever felt. He picked up the tube from the nightstand and reached for Viggo's hand. "You won't," he repeated and squeezed a generous amount of lube on Viggo's fingers and sank back into the pillows. "Prepare me."

Viggo brought his hand back between Orlando's buttocks and began to apply the lube to Orlando's entrance. He gently caressed the puckered muscle, savouring the sensation of heat against his fingertips. For a split second he stilled the movements of his hand again. Don't be so afraid. He wanted to do this. He wanted to share this with Orlando. He wasn't afraid. Holding his breath he carefully pushed against the tightness and breached Orlando's body with his finger. "You're so tight..." he whispered as he inserted his finger deeper. "So very tight..."

"Just imagine," Orlando panted heavily, his body adjusting to the finger inside him, "just imagine how it's gonna feel to be inside of me. Just imagine how tight it's gonna be..."

Viggo moaned, moving his finger, pulling it out a bit and pushing back in. He could feel how Orlando was relaxing around him. "This feel good?"

Orlando nodded. "Curl your finger a bit," he encouraged his lover. Viggo did as he was told, and Orlando hissed when Viggo's fingertip hit his prostate. "God Viggo! More... please, more..."

Carefully, Viggo withdrew his finger and looked at the panting man beneath him. "Another one?" When Orlando nodded again, he inserted a second finger. He repeated the in-and-out-movement a couple of times, giving Orlando time to adjust and relax. Then he curled his fingers again inside of Orlando's body like he'd done before and was rewarded with a small cry from his lover's lips. "Am I doing all right?" Viggo concentrated on giving Orlando pleasure, on pleasing the other man, but it became more and more difficult to focus. The sounds Orlando made and the writhing of his body were so arousing that Viggo for a moment feared that he might lose it there and then.

"You," Orlando moaned, "you're doing perfectly... Now scissor your fingers a bit, Vig. Make me ready for you..." His hands grabbed the sheets and clenched around them when Viggo did as he was told. "Yeah, that's it. Make me ready so you can be inside of me..." He cried out again when Viggo inserted a third finger. "You want that, don't you?"

"God yes, Orlando," Viggo pressed through gritted teeth. "Can't wait much longer..."

Orlando looked at Viggo's face and saw tenderness and worry mixed with need and desire. "You don't have to wait anymore, Vig." Orlando longed to take the worry away. "I'm ready. I want you to be inside of me now... please..."

Orlando reached sideways again and offered Viggo the foil package. Viggo withdrew his fingers from Orlando's body, wiped them quickly on the sheets and took the condom from Orlando's hand. He tore the package and took the condom out, his fingers shaking when he tried to place it on the tip of his cock. His erection immediately twitched at the contact, and Viggo almost dropped the condom. He laughed nervously and held it out to Orlando again. "Can you put it on me?" He dropped his gaze. "I can't... too nervous..."

With a quick movement, Orlando took the condom from Viggo, and within seconds he had pulled it over Viggo's cock. "Don't be," he whispered as he squeezed some lube on his fingers. "I want you so much." He coated Viggo's erection with the crystal jelly, caressing it gently. He guided Viggo until the tip of his cock was positioned at his entrance. "Please, Vig..."

Viggo closed his eyes and pushed forward. He could feel how Orlando opened up to him, how Orlando's body took him in. Tight heat surrounded him, and Orlando's moan filled his ears. Slowly, ever so slowly, he entered Orlando's body. He struggled to keep from thrusting into the hot tightness, not wanting to hurt his lover. He wanted to be gentle and loving. Once he was fully sheathed, he slowly exhaled and opened his eyes.

Orlando was looking at him, his mouth slightly open, his cheeks flushed. A smile began to spread on Orlando's lips, and Orlando's hand rose to cup Viggo's cheek. "Good?" Orlando asked, his voice both tense and tender.

Viggo moaned. "So good," he whispered. "Such a gift..."

"You can move now," Orlando breathed. His hands went around Viggo's back and he pulled Viggo against him. "You want to move, don't you?"

Viggo answered with a small thrust of his hips. "I don't think I can last long," he moaned. "You feel so good... too good." He thrust again, burying himself in the welcoming heat that was Orlando.

"Don't hold back," Orlando groaned. "Want you to move... want to feel you..." His hips bucked to meet Viggo's gentle thrusts, his hands digging into the muscles of Viggo's back.

"So good... so tight... so fucking good," Viggo chanted as he continued to move in and out of his lover's body. He squeezed his eyes shut, savouring the sensation of Orlando surrounding him, letting the sound of their mingled pants and moans fill his ears.

Orlando shifted his hips slightly, crying out when Viggo hit his prostate with his next thrust. "God Vig... you... ahhhhh... gonna make me come..."

Viggo's movements quickened though he tried to keep them under control. He wanted to prolong their lovemaking but his body yearned for completion. He was panting now, whispering Orlando's name, trying to keep control. "Won't last..." he moaned. "Can't... Orlando... god... can't..."

"Vig... Vig... don't hold back," Orlando moaned. "Want to come... with you... soon, please... soon..." He tried to draw Viggo deeper inside, tried to fill himself with Viggo. He thrust and bucked and writhed, moaning, panting, needing. His hand reached for his own straining erection, and he began to stroke himself feverishly. "Make me come, Viggo, please... Make me come with you..."

Viggo's hand joined Orlando's. Together they stroked and thrust, and their mutual moans filled the air. Orlando's muscles tensed and he came with a sharp cry, Viggo's name on his lips. He came in hot spurts, coating their tangled hands with his sticky semen. His muscles clenched around Viggo, and he could feel how the other man broke and gave in to sensation. "Viggo..."

When Viggo felt how orgasm claimed Orlando, he was lost. The hot tightness drew him in and made him lose it completely. "Yes," he moaned. "Yes... now... Orlando... YES!" His climax overwhelmed him, and he exploded, buried deep inside his lover's body. He couldn't remember ever having come that hard. It was so intense, almost violent. He shuddered through his orgasm, feeling Orlando ride out his own pleasure. It was pure bliss. It was completion. It was everything and more. It seemed to last forever - and yet it was over much too fast.

Orlando felt how Viggo's cock twitched and throbbed inside of him. He drank in every moan, every cry and breath of his lover. His hands caressed Viggo's back, his voice whispering sweet nothings into Viggo's ear. "So good... yes... Viggo... that's it... yes, yes... come... let go... fill me... so good... yeah... Vig... god, yes... don't stop... come... feel..." He held on to Viggo tightly, relishing the aftershocks of their shared bliss.

When he felt Viggo's breathing slowing down a bit and Viggo's cock softening inside of him, he gently pushed against Viggo.

"Don't want to..." Viggo didn't want to leave Orlando's body. "Want to stay with you..." His thoughts were still incoherent, but encouraged by Orlando's movements he withdrew slowly. He shivered as his cock slipped from Orlando's body, and his fingers trembled as he disposed of the condom. He rested his head against Orlando's chest and caressed Orlando's skin gently. "I didn't want to leave you. I wanted to stay inside you..."

Orlando's hands played with Viggo's hair as he tried to catch his breath. "I know," he whispered. "But you can be inside of me again. Soon. Yes?"

Viggo propped himself up on one elbow and looked down at his lover. "Can I? Oh god yes, I want to..." He smiled. "So this... we can do this again?" Orlando nodded, and Viggo placed a gentle kiss on Orlando's lips. "You're so beautiful like this..." His voice was filled with emotion. "I can't believe this really happened. Wanted you so much... Didn't think you'd..."

"Shhhhh..." Orlando caressed Viggo's face, soothing the slight look of worry and concern from Viggo's gaze. "Let's just be happy for now, okay?"

Viggo nodded. "I like that."

"I'm glad you do," Orlando whispered. "I'm glad you do..." He pulled the covers over them. "We have to be back on set early tomorrow but..." He blushed. "Would you like to stay? To spend the night?"

Viggo smiled. "I'd like that very much." He took Orlando in his arms and kissed him again. "Happy for now, right?"

"Very," Orlando stifled a yawn.

"This was wonderful, Orlando," Viggo said. "Thank you."

They kissed again, a slow, languid kiss.

"Sleep now," Viggo murmured, caressing Orlando's face tenderly. "Sleep..."

Viggo lay awake for a long time, listening to Orlando's breathing become calm and even.

"Happy for now," he whispered against Orlando's skin before sleep claimed him as well.



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