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Title: Shadow and Flame
Author: Lara Lee ([ profile] take_this_waltz)
Rating: NC-17 (as desired :-P ). Smut.
Warnings: A little kink (in the form of rimming), a little bondage and a lot of smut (as desired :-P ). Oh, and did I mention smut?
Disclaimer: Not mine. Alas.
Beta: Thank you so very much, [ profile] salixbabylon! You did an amazing job. *hugs*
A/N: Written for [ profile] vo_xmas as a gift for [ profile] nitw1t who wished for the following: I would like some bondage and kink in front of a roaring fire on Christmas eve. I want a happy ending and nothing less than NC-17 - gimmie smut! - Smut she wants and smut she shall get. Happy Christmas!

Shadow and Flame

Viggo stood in the doorway and took in the sight before him. Orlando was lying on his stomach in front of the fireplace, propped up on his elbows, leafing through a book one of them had gotten for Christmas, the blazing fire in the background. From time to time Orlando wriggled and shifted a little, completely absorbed by the words and pictures. Viggo felt how blood rushed to his groin and how his fingertips began to tingle.

There was nobody else at the ranch; the last of their guests, Billy, had left an hour ago and the house was quiet. No-one would hear Orlando if he screamed, Viggo thought, and no-one would hear him either.

Viggo took in a deep yet shaky breath. Orlando's back was a velvet slope underneath his shirt and his arse was firm and perfectly shaped inside his black trousers. Begging to be touched. Begging to be taken.

Viggo licked his lips and watched Orlando brush a strand of his hair from his face. Shadows and flames danced on his cheek and temple, and Viggo's fingers wanted to trace those lines, wanted to follow the shadows and play with fire. He moaned quietly, and his hand went between his legs to cup his erection.



He was next to Orlando in a second, kneeling beside him, his left hand resting on the small of Orlando's back, his right hand running through Orlando's hair. Leaning closer, he whispered: "Don't move." The hand in Orlando's hair formed into a loose fist, pulling the other man's head slightly towards himself.

"Don't move." His voice was husky.

Orlando closed his eyes as a shudder ran through him, and then his body went still.

"I want to fuck you," Viggo rasped. "Right here. Right now."

Orlando nodded, and Viggo tightened his grip on Orlando's hair. "Yeah." Right now. Right now.

"Don't move," Viggo repeated and reached underneath Orlando's body to undo the top two buttons of his trousers. When his fingers brushed against Orlando's cloth-clad erection, the younger man let out a sharp hiss.

"Don't. Move." Viggo pulled down Orlando's trousers and underpants and began to unbuckle his own belt. "God, I'm so hard." He freed his erection and quickly thrust into his own hand, once, twice, a third time. His breathing quickened. "God yes!" He moaned and pushed his trousers down to his knees. With a couple of swift movements Viggo removed Orlando's trousers and spread his legs apart. He knelt between them and took hold of his cock again. Pre-come was leaking from its tip, and Viggo spread the clear liquid over himself before he reached for Orlando's crack with glistening fingers.

He parted Orlando's buttocks and pressed on finger against his entrance. A brief pause. A deep breath, and he breached Orlando's body, pushing his finger past the tight ring of muscles. He knew Orlando was biting his lips.

"There's nobody here. No need to keep quiet," he murmured and pushed his finger in further. "I want you."

Orlando moaned and pushed his hips against Viggo's probing.

"I said don't move." Viggo withdrew his finger and quickly inserted two. "I want to fuck you now," he hissed, stretching Orlando quickly. "Now." He wrapped his other hand around his cock and brought it close to Orlando's cleft. "Ready?"

"Yeah," Orlando nodded. "Yeah. Please. Now."

Viggo sheathed himself with one languid thrust of his hips, covering Orlando's body with his own.

Orlando folded his arms and lowered his head. Both men remained completely still for a moment.

"Don't come yet." Viggo's words were hot against the skin of Orlando's neck, and Orlando let out another long moan.

After another second Viggo began to move. He thrust into Orlando's body quickly, setting a frenzied, almost brutal pace.

"You're so tight." He pressed his hips against his lover's body and entered Orlando even deeper with a couple of steady thrusts. "I'm going to come so hard. So hard inside you."

He withdrew his cock almost completely, steadying himself with a hand on Orlando's hip. "Going to come," he groaned. Orlando panted underneath him, trying to remain still.

"God, Vig..."

"So hot. So good. Gonna make me come now," Viggo felt his orgasm approaching and increased his pace. He inhaled sharply and held his breath before he thrust into Orlando once more.

"Fuck, gonna..." Orlando's body tightened around him and he was lost. Viggo's movements became erratic. All his muscles tensed, and with a husky groan he emptied himself into Orlando's tight heat. Wave after pulsing wave of pleasure and release washed over him, and for a moment the world went black. He was dimly aware of Orlando's moans echoing his groans and hisses, and after an eternity of coming he collapsed onto Orlando's back.

Viggo allowed himself a short moment of rest before he let his cock slip from Orlando's body and rolled off his lover. Catching his breath, he felt a smile creep onto his face, and he turned towards the other man.

"You alright?" His voice sounded hoarse and raw.

Orlando nodded.

"You've been a good boy," Viggo muttered. "You didn't come."

Drawing his lower lip between his teeth, Orlando moaned. His breaths were ragged gasps, and he desperately tried to keep from moving.

"You've earned a reward."

Viggo drew his knees up and removed his trousers. He returned to his place between Orlando's legs and lowered himself onto the floor until he was completely lying down. His fingers caressed Orlando's sides and back tenderly, drawing idle patterns on his skin.

"You're so beautiful," Viggo's lips murmured against Orlando's crack. "So beautiful like this in shadows and flames..." His tongue followed the line of Orlando's cleft from the small of his back downwards between his legs, leaving a faint trace of saliva. He collected a bit of his come from Orlando's left buttock with the tip of his tongue. "You taste good, too," he said, licking his lips. "I think I want to taste you some more."

Orlando squirmed.

"Remember that I said don't move," Viggo whispered. "And don't come yet." His tongue delved a little further between Orlando's buttocks. "Tell me when you need for me to stop."

His hands parted Orlando's cheeks, and he began to lick the sticky fluid of his come from Orlando's cleft. When he let his tongue run over Orlando's entrance for the first time, the younger man hissed sharply and his muscles tensed a little.

"Good?" Viggo asked, lifting his head, and after that let his tongue run over that spot again, and Orlando moaned in answer. "Yeah, that's so beautiful, Orlando. Let me hear you. Let me hear your pleasure."

"Vig, please..." Orlando moaned. "Please..."

"Please what?" Viggo gave Orlando's cleft a playful lick. "More?" He parted Orlando's buttocks again and without warning entered Orlando with his tongue.

Orlando cried out and pressed his fist against his mouth. His scream turned into a continuous moan as Viggo pushed his tongue further inside.

"Oh god, Vig, oh fuck... oh god yeah that feels...good, so good... yes... please..." His cock was throbbing beneath him and he felt an overwhelming need to move. "Wanna move, please, Vig... let me... oh god..."

Viggo began moving his tongue in and out of Orlando's entrance and slid the index finger of his right hand between Orlando's cheeks. He stopped right above Orlando's anus, almost touching his own tongue, and pressed down a little, causing Orlando to cry out again. He felt his own cock getting hard again.

"So good, Vig... please, let me move, please, need to... god, Vig, fuck, so much..." Orlando was panting now, biting his lips, his fingers, trying to keep from moving, willing his body to relax, trying to hold back. The sensation of Viggo's tongue and finger was pushing him closer to the edge every second. Don't come yet. The words formed again in his hazy mind, reminding him, and he couldn't quite understand them the first time, but they kept repeating themselves, over and over again, while the pleasure inside him grew even more.

"Vig, please... Please stop," he whimpered. "Too much, gonna come, please..."

Viggo didn't stop but continued teasing him until Orlando was sure he was going to come any second. "Please, Vig... too close..." He moaned. "Please stop... won't last... too... God, can't... gonna come... stop... please stop..."

Suddenly, Viggo's tongue and finger were gone, and Orlando was being turned around until he was lying on his back, Viggo kneeling next to him. He covered his eyes with one arm, his other fist clenching and unclenching, his breath panting, a thin layer of sweat shining on his skin.

Viggo drank in the sight in front of him. His beautiful lover, aroused, erect, sweating, concentrating on holding back, a shudder running through him, a low moan torn from his lips. He reached for the arm covering Orlando's eyes and removed it from Orlando's face. His other hand cupped Orlando's fist.

"You're doing so well," he rasped. "You undo me, elf boy." His hand began to caress Orlando's face, his eyelids, his cheeks, his temples, his lips. "You're so amazing." His fingers trailed down Orlando's neck, circled his nipples, ran down his stomach and made for Orlando's groin.

Orlando's eyes opened and his fist clenched tight underneath Viggo's hand. "Don't touch me there just yet, please." His eyes found Viggo's. "I would... I couldn't... Just not yet, please. Too soon..."

Viggo nodded, and his hand went to his own crotch. His cock was rock hard and very erect, and his fingers wrapping around it felt so good. "You make me so hard, Orlando. I want to do all those things to you, want to be inside you, want to make you mine. I want to come inside you again. Soon."

Orlando swallowed and closed his eyes once more. "Yes..." His voice was a mere whisper.

"What do you want, Orlando?" Viggo began stroking himself slowly and moaned at his own touch.

"I..." Orlando swallowed again.

"What do you want? Tell me, Orlando. Tell me what you need."

"Bind me." His eyes opened and his gaze met Viggo's. Viggo inhaled slowly, his eyes never leaving Orlando's. "Tie me up. Please."

Slowly, Viggo leaned sideways and reached for one of the long satin ribbons that were lying next to the piles of presents and gift-wrappings near the fireplace. He let it run through his fingers, savouring the soft texture. "So you can't move, yeah?" Viggo unbuttoned Orlando's shirt and made Orlando raise his upper body a little to remove it. "Lie down."

Orlando arched his hips and moaned. "Yes. Make me..." He raised his hands above his head and crossed his arms at the wrists. "Please."

He closed his eyes again when Viggo began to caress his face with the satin cloth. "You want me to tie you up, don't you? So you can't move while I have my way with you... While I show you how beautiful you are... While I touch you and lick you and tease you..." He reached for Orlando's hands and let the ribbon slide over Orlando's arms.

"I'm going to tie you up with this," Viggo murmured, while he closed his hand around Orlando's wrists. "So you won't be able to move. And then I'm going to touch you. And you won't come until I tell you that you can."

Orlando nodded.

"Can you do that for me? Can you wait until I tell you you can come?"

Another nod and a moan.

"Good." Viggo wound the ribbon around Orlando's wrists a couple of times and then tied it to the leg of the coffee table. "Good." He leaned back and observed his lover.

"Open your eyes, Orlando," he demanded. "I want you to look at me and I want to see your eyes." Orlando's eyes fluttered open, and Orlando gasped at the sight that greeted them.

Viggo had taken his own shirt off and was on his knees next to him, sitting on his heels, and touching himself. His right hand stroked his cock slowly, and his left hand caressed his upper thighs. "What you do to me..." He squeezed his cock once and moaned, throwing his head back. "Would it make you come to watch me getting myself off? Would you come too if I got spunk all over you?"

Orlando began to arch his hips but stopped in mid-movement, panting. Don't move, he remembered.

"Tell me. Would that make you come?"

"God, yes," Orlando moaned, his cock leaking pre-come. "All over me..."

Viggo's breath hitched and he squeezed the base of his cock. "You're so hot like this, Orlando. All needy and aching to come... So hot, so beautiful... would love to come all over you... just like this... on your skin in the shadows and flames... on fire... blazing beauty... glistening... white-hot... on your skin... yeah..." He resumed stroking his erection, tearing his eyes away from Orlando's, looking down into his lap.

"But not this time," he said. "This time I want to fuck you. I told you I want to fuck you. And I want to come while I'm inside you." Viggo leaned forward until his lips were close to Orlando's mouth. "Do you want that?"

Orlando tried to raise his head, to catch Viggo's lips with his own. But Viggo lifted his head just out of the reach of his mouth and smiled. "Tell me. Do you want that?"

Orlando opened his legs in response. "Please..."

Viggo went to kneel between Orlando's legs and slid his hands under the hollow of Orlando's knees. Orlando spread his legs a little further and moaned.

With trembling fingers Viggo reached for his trousers and pulled a small tube of lube from one of his pockets. "Don't want to hurt you this time," he whispered.

"Didn't hurt me," Orlando moaned as Viggo's slickened fingers found his entrance. "Never..."

"Shhhhhh," Viggo soothed. "Don't wanna hurt you... Want to make you feel so good..." He began preparing Orlando carefully and thoroughly. One finger, then two, then three. In and out. Stretching, caressing. He then withdrew his fingers and pushed just one of them back in, curling it slightly. When it brushed over Orlando's prostate, Orlando cried out.

"Viggo, please. I'm ready. Please take me, please... Now. I'm so close, Vig. Need you. Need you ..."

Viggo smiled and reached for the lube again. He wiped his fingers against his thigh and squeezed a large dollop of the clear gel onto his fingertips. His hand wrapped around his erection, coating it with the smooth, glistening lube.

"Need to be inside you," he hissed. "Raise your hips a little."

Orlando arched towards Viggo, and Viggo slowly buried himself inside his lover's body. Both men stilled completely and their eyes locked.

"Vig..." Orlando breathed, his cock pulsing and throbbing between their bodies.

"Don't come yet."


"So good..."

"Please, Vig..."


"Please move. So close..."

"Don't come yet."

"Want to come..."

"Tell me. Tell me."

"Please, Vig. Want to come... oh god... can't... please... need to come..." Orlando's words dissolved into a long, low moan as Viggo thrust his hips forward ever so slightly.

"Oh god, Orlando..."


Another shallow thrust, barely perceivable.


"Once I start" slightest thrust "moving I won't" another slight thrust "be able to" thrust "stop." Stillness. Panting. Moaning. Viggo's cock twitched inside Orlando's body, and Orlando's muscles tensed.


"Don't come yet..."

"Vig, can't..."

Stillness. Heartbeats. Shadows and flames.

"Don't... oh god." Orlando breathed. "Move."

Viggo shook his head. "Not... yet." He squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his jaws. His whole body was trembling. Orlando's too.

"Touch me, Vig... please, please... move... oh god, please... gonna come... so close... please... let me... need... too much... fuck, Vig..." Orlando was tearing at his ties, trying to free his hands. Arching his hips. Being held down by Viggo's body. "Touch me, please..."

"Just like this," Viggo moaned, thrusting his hips forward a tiny bit. "Don't come yet."

Orlando's breathing turned to constant moans. "Can't... have to... so close... close... gonna... Vig..."

Viggo's hips jerked involuntary. "God yes!" He thrust forward again, brushing over Orlando's prostate. "Wanna come now..."

"Yes... please... come... Let go, Vig..."

"Wanna come..."

"Please let me..."

"Come... Orli... gonna... come..."

"Vig, please..."


"Oh god."

"Now!. Come for me..."


"Come for me now, Orli."

"With me..."

"Yes... yes... yes..."


"Yes... oh god... so good..."

"Yes... oh god, yes!"

Orlando arched his hips and felt how the tension inside him reached its peak. All his muscles tensed, and hot fluid erupted from his cock, spreading between his and Viggo's bodies. He screamed and clenched around Viggo, whose shout melted into his.

The sensation of tightness around him and the feeling of Orlando's cock spurting against his belly made Viggo lose all ground. He let himself fall and came almost painfully hard. His cock released hot waves of come into Orlando's tight heat, Orlando's muscles spasming around him, drawing him inside, allowing him to let go.

Seconds turned into eternities. Viggo clung to Orlando as they rode out their climax, panting and moaning and sobbing and moving and coming and coming and coming...

"Oh god," Viggo moaned, collapsing on top of Orlando, who was still writhing against him, whose cock was still pulsing, who was still climaxing and so very tight around him.

A couple of seconds later he reached for Orlando's arms and untied the ribbon before he rested his head against Orlando's neck again. His cock twitched once more and his moan turned into something between a whimper and a sob.

Orlando's arms wrapped around him, and Orlando placed an open-mouthed kiss on his hair. A kiss that turned into another moan when Viggo flexed his hips.

"Gonna come again," Viggo panted, closing his eyes. "Oh god..."

Orlando clenched his muscles around him, and Viggo let release wash over him once more, clutching Orlando's body to his, trembling.

Shadows and flames danced upon his eyelids as he slowly came back to the room, and trembling fingers painted patterns in the sweat on his back. His whole body tingled and his mouth filled with saliva. He had to swallow several times before he could speak.

"God, Orlando..." His hands began to stroke Orlando's arms and his breathing began to calm. "That was..."

Orlando's hand reached for his chin and lifted his face. Their eyes locked.

"Too much?" Orlando looked slightly worried.

"Perfect," Viggo replied.

Their lips met and they shared a long, languid kiss.

"I love you," Viggo said when they finally broke apart for air. "Thank you."

"Thank you," Orlando answered, smiling. "That was a wonderful Christmas present."

They shared another kiss.

"And I love you, too."

*** The End ***
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