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For [ profile] bee_ta_baby as a [ profile] merryviggorli gift in 2008, who asked for Romance, strong men, creating their own traditions or hurt/comfort, no death, no sap, no 'girly-men'.

Title: Friends With Benefits
Rating: NC-17

Friends With Benefits

The stale scent of old beer and old smoke hung in the air. Weary rays of late afternoon sunlight pierced through the dirty windows, dancing in trembling patterns on the wooden tabletop.

The man at the table in the corner farthest away from the door didn't look up as the waiter placed a fresh glass of beer in front of him. His fingers were drawing lazy circles on the worn surface, his eyes staring at his fingertips.

Smoke rose from a cigarette butt that rested in an ashtray next to him. Blinking, he reached for the cigarette and brought it to his lips. Just as he had opened his mouth to take a drag, the door to the bar opened and another man was swept into the room by a gust of chilly winter air.

The newcomer slowly walked across the room and signaled the bartender for a beer. He came to stand in front of the table in the corner, and the man who was sitting there looked up, as if in a trance.

"Bloom," he muttered, placing the cigarette back into the ashtray.

"Mortensen," the younger man replied, drawing the chair opposite from Viggo away from the table. He winced slightly as he sat down.

Viggo raised an eyebrow. "Arthritis?"

"Fucker, " Orlando ground ou through gritted teeth. "An accident on set."

"What happened?" Viggo reached for his glass and brought it to his lips.

"The usual," Orlando shrugged. "The roof was wet from the rain machines. I wore the wrong shoes. Too slippery, not enough grip. Short gap in concentration. I slipped and then I fell."

"You fell off a roof," Viggo asked calmly.

Orlando nodded.

Viggo grinned. "You're hopeless."

Orlando inhaled slowly. "I fell on my back. Spent a week in hospital. They said I mustn't do that again. Doing stunts like that myself, I mean. They found a hairline fissure in my-"

"Shit, Orli. You should really be a little more careful!" Viggo's brows furrowed and he took another sip from his glass.

"What else is new?" Orlando studied Viggo's face carefully and after a while he chuckled. "Will you ever stop fussing over me?"

The waiter arrived with Orlando's beer, placed the glass on the table between the two men and wiped his hands in his apron, so Orlando didn't see Viggo shaking his head ever so slightly.

"Never," Viggo mouthed. But Orlando didn't see that either.

Orlando raised his glass and smiled. "Here's to making it here again this year, against all odds."

Sighing, Viggo raised his glass as well. "Hear, hear."

"It's good to see you again," Orlando said. "How are you?"

"It's been a long year." Viggo lit another cigarette. "Henry is getting married."

"No shit!" Orlando almost choked on his beer. "Little Henry?"

"He's almost thirty," Viggo replied, cringing.

"No way!" Orlando laughed. "When did that happen?"

"No idea." Viggo ordered another beer. "Karen, his fiance, she's pregnant. They're so happy. It's almost disgusting."

"You love it, old man," Orlando teased. " Just admit it already."

"I do." Viggo nodded. "It's good to see him so happy. He deserves it." He smiled.


They sat in silence for some minutes, each man following his own trail of thought.

"How's Ashley?" Viggo asked after a while.

Orlando took off his glasses and ran his hand over his eyes. "Don't ask."

Viggo tilted his head. "That bad?"

"We're getting a divorce. It hasn't leaked through yet, but I'm sure nobody will be truly surprised. On second thought – Lij might be, but he doesn't count. Anyway, you can't squeeze the whole story into one night. Besides, I don't want to. This is for us."

"It's good to see you again," Viggo said. "I didn't think you'd make it this year."

"Hey, I make it every year!" Orlando put his glasses back on, and gradually a smile spread over his face.

Viggo drained his glass, extinguished his cigarette and shoved back his chair. "Come on, let's go home."

Viggo paid and they left the bar, turning their collars up against the chill. They climbed into Viggo's pick-up truck and Viggo immediately switched on the radio. Experimental sounds filled the air, and Orlando winced.

"Still don't like it?" Viggo turned his head and shot Orlando a brief glance before he returned his attention to the street.

"No," Orlando chuckled. "You know me too well."

Viggo grinned and turned up the volume.

Orlando looked out of the window as Viggo drove through the deserted, snow-covered streets of Sandpoint. They left the town and entered the countryside after a couple of minutes.

"Beautiful," Orlando whispered. "It's good to be back."

Viggo reached for Orlando's hand and gave it a small squeeze. "Good to have you back."

For the remaining part of the drive they exchanged only very few words. When the car stopped in front of Viggo's house, Orlando got out and stretched carefully.

Viggo looked concerned. "You're sure you're up to-"

"Shut up, Mortensen," Orlando interrupted. "You bet your arse I am! I've been looking forward to this night for days, I won't let anything spoil it."

"Good," Viggo nodded and locked the car. "Come on, let's get in."

He opened the door and dropped the key onto the chest of drawers. "Want a beer?"

Orlando shook his head. "You. I want you."

"Have me, then." Viggo reached for Orlando's hand and led him upstairs, into the bedroom.

At first, their touches and movements were a little clumsy. Viggo fumbled with the buttons of Orlando's shirt. Orlando ran his hands through Viggo's hair.

"Long," Orlando murmured.

"Gray," Viggo whispered, and Orlando nodded.

"Small changes."

Viggo took off Orlando's shirt and turned the other man around. He let his fingertips run along Orlando's spine until they touched the faint scar.

"Small," he said.

Orlando shook his head. "Not so small."

"Shhhhhh." Viggo smoothed his hand against Orlando's back and began to unbutton Orlando's trousers with his other hand. Orlando sighed and leaned back against Viggo's chest.

Viggo buried his nose in Orlando's hair and inhaled.

"It's been a long year."

Orlando hummed softly and turned around. "Come on, old man. Let's get out of these clothes. I want to reacquaint myself with your skin. And with your cock, too. I missed both."

With one hand Viggo reached around Orlando's waist and closed the space still left between their bodies. The other hand reached for Orlando's hair, wound up in it and forced Orlando's lips to meet with his own. It was a hungry and fierce kiss, bruising, demanding, almost violating, accompanied by a hoarse cry of impatience. Viggo's hands tried to grab hold of the other body everywhere at once while his tongue slid between Orlando's lips and thrashed into his mouth. He felt how the Orlando's body reacted to this attack. Orlando was rock-hard.

Their erections touched through layers and layers of cloth, a low growl escaped Viggo's mouth and its vibrations went through their bodies like waves. When the need for air became too strong, their mouths opened but the kiss didn't end. Orlando was burning - his cheeks from the scratch of Viggo's beard, his lips from the insatiable hunger for more. He kept kissing Viggo, licking his lips, stroking his face, while their bodies moved closer together. He was painfully hard now and he needed to get closer, he needed to touch, to be touched, to grind, to thrust and to hold.

"God," Viggo breathed. "This feels so good." He broke the kiss and looked at Orlando's flushed face. "So good..." Viggo felt as if he couldn't bring their mouths together again fast enough. "I missed this," he whispered huskily. "I missed you… so much..."

Orlando slowly walked backwards until he felt the bed behind him, never letting go of the other man. He sat down, dragging Viggo with him. "God yes, Viggo," he moaned. "Longed for you..." He shifted until Viggo was lying on top of him. When he parted his legs a little, one of Viggo's came between his. His hips bucked against Viggo's groin, bringing their cloth-clad erections together. "Feel that?" Orlando panted. "That is what you do to me..."

"We need to get out of these clothes now," Viggo demanded. He broke the embrace, and they shed the remains of their clothing before settling down on the bed again.

Orlando hissed when their naked chests touched.

"Do you have-"

"Yes," Viggo interrupted. "Right beside you, in the top drawer."

"Good," Orlando smiled. "I don't want to wait any longer."

He reached for the condom and the tube of lube and handed both to Viggo. "I want you to prepare me and to fuck me. Ride hard. Don't look back."

Viggo closed Orlando's mouth with a kiss before he sat up and opened the tube. He squeezed a dollop of the clear gel onto his fingers and reached between Orlando's legs. "Open your legs for me, Elf Boy," he whispered.

"I like it when you call me that," Orlando said.

"I know," Viggo replied.

"Makes me feel young."

"Shut up, Elf Boy. You don't look a day over forty."

"Fucker," Orlando grinned and opened his legs. "Now live up to that name and don't make me wait anymore."

Orlando inhaled sharply when Viggo’s finger touched his entrance. Viggo chuckled and carefully breached the tight ring of muscle guarding Orlando’s body. “You like that, don’t you?”

Orlando hissed. “God, yes! Feels fantastic, Viggo. So good…”

Letting his lids veil his eyes partly, Viggo pushed his finger further inside. “You feel good…” He curled his finger slightly. Orlando’s hand shot up, and he shoved his fist into his mouth to stifle a scream.

Viggo hurriedly finished preparing Orlando, then he reached for the small foil package and tore it open with trembling fingers. He rolled it over his erection and wiped his hands on the bedclothes.

Orlando opened his legs a little further. "Like this?"

"Yeah," Viggo moaned. "Like this. " He positioned himself and entered Orlando's body with one steady thrust.

"Good." Orlando sighed. "Now move."

And Viggo did.


Some time later both men lay next to each other, covered in sweat, spent and satiated. Their ragged breathing slowly returned to normal.

Orlando propped himself up on one elbow. He looked into Viggo's eyes, and both men first broke into wide smiles and then began to laugh.

"Traditions," Orlando laughed. "I think I really do have a thing for them."

"Me too," Viggo grinned. "Especially our traditions. Especially this one."

"This friendship certainly has its benefits." Orlando reached for Viggo's chin and let his thumb run along Viggo's lips. "So, next year then?"

"Of course," Viggo answered. "Maybe your place next time?"

"I kind of like it here. And it's tradition."

Viggo nodded. "Let's honor them, then." He gathered Orlando into an embrace and closed his eyes.

*** fin ***

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