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Birthdate:Sep 7
This is my old fic journal. I onde decided I want all my stories in one place, that's why I created this lj a couple of years ago.
Some of the stuff in here is pretty ancient (dating back to 2002 or so).
You can find my newer stuff (all Marvey, aka Harvey Specter/Mike Ross from Suits USA) here on my AO3 page.

Even if it seems a bit confusing: The two 'personae'/lj users - aqua_alta, aka "Becca", and take_this_waltz, sometimes referred to as "Lara (Lee)", as well as sal-si-puedes (aka "Aqua") - are indeed one and the same person and just one single author who has written all the stories archived here. Me.

Most of the fic you find in this archive is NC-17 material. That means: explicit despription of sexual activities and/or violence (but more of the former). If that's not your cup of tea or if you are under 18 go away.

All others: Please enter and have fun. :-)

You can browse this lj via the memories' section or by following the tags.

Table of Contents:

Sal Si Puedes: Here you find all chapters of my Story Sal Si Puedes (part I is Severus/Bill, parts II - IV are Severus/Remus).
I wrote that fic ages ago. It's post GoF - so it turns to AU (from today's post HBP point of view) pretty soon.
Warnings: Minor Character Death (at least minor to my story line) in part II, MAJOR Character Death in part IV (13/13).

Sal Si Puedes Spin Offs: Here are some spin offs from Sal Si Puedes. Most of them are PWP, one (Ex Ponto) might not be part of the SSP series at all or might be set after the end of SSP IV. All of them are Severus/Remus.

Other HP fic: HP fics with various pairings (Severus/Remus, SS/SB, Snape/Harry).

LotR FPS: Two snippets of Aragorn/Legolas (once the beginning of a WIP)

Viggorli: Viggo Mortensen/Orlando Bloom RPS. Let me warn you once more: It's RPS (Real Person Slash). If that's not your thing, stay away from this category!

Please don't archive my fic without asking.

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